About Us

Home Options is a dynamic, technologically-driven company, limited by shares. We are famous in the production, supply, design/installation of lifestyle and compatible finishing/furnishing solutions. Passionately, reputable in creating a thrilling, contemporary, comfortable, and most affordable ambiance to the utmost satisfaction of our numerous customers. Ensuring all our customers live well, through our products and services.

As a preferred brand, our competitive edge is our ability to offer new level solutions that redefine luxury finishing/furnishing to homes and offices within our client’s budget. Based on our long-term experiences, international training, and exposures, coupled with our most cherished track records in the classical and contemporary interiors, we are passionate about blending creative ideas, materials seamlessly for harmonious results.

Home Options shall strive to provide cutting-edge furnishing & finishing products that will make our clients live well.
Our vision is to serve as a platform to eradicate sub-standard products in the Nigerian construction/real estate industry.


1. Our vision is to become the recognised industry leader by our customers in construction and interior finishing related business in which we compete.

2. To be the foremost professional name/brand in the provision of standard/quality products in the construction/building material industry in Nigeria.



Customer satisfaction is our age-long tradition and an important business philosophy we adhere strictly to always. Our success history is demonstrated not only in the numerous high-profile projects we have participated in but also in the high percentage of our customers that continually return to us for their projects.


We offer a wide range of exclusive, exotic, and affordable brands through our various supplier’s channels. Our product/services ranges include:-

Every architectural design are analyzed by our design and creative team, in order to compliment it with the most suitable concept(s), using our esteemed products. We are poised in raising the general standard of best practices in the construction industry in Nigeria. In particular, furnishing and furnishing subsectors.