Best care for Cabinets

Cabinets are far-flung as far as a house is concerned; they are just everywhere; bedrooms, living room, kitchens, even bathrooms. They might not be the most used of furniture a times but they are surely essential when it comes to beautifying a space and yeah, we all have one or more things that can be kept in them cabinets now, don’t we?

People tend to concentrate more on the kitchen cabinets. Whether you’re preparing for guests or just want to do some general cleaning of your space, these tips will help you get cabinets in very good form.

Find a kitchen storage arrangement that works for you.

Arrange your kitchen cabinets’ frequently used items in such a way that they are where you can easily reach them. You can decide to have upper cabinets or lower ones, it is totally up to you, but if you organize your utensils, cookware, dinnerware, prep items and the rest of your utensils with this in mind, you’re more likely to put it all back in their designated spots to use again.

Label your cabinet containers

You can easily identify what’s arranged inside the containers of cabinets when the cabinet is being labeled. You can easily spot the difference between powdered sugar and flour at a glance and know exactly where to go to when the items are to be returned after use. You can use a label maker, a marker and tape or get custom labels (which will make the cabinets look neater and more beautiful

Avoid harsh cleaners

There are different types of cabinets’ surfaces and depending on the surface, a damp soft cloth may just be enough to do the magic. Some cleaners are very damaging and can destroy the surface of the furniture in such that it loses its original shine. If you must use cleaners, then it is advisable to test some homemade cleaners on a small part of the cabinet first and see what happens before you go ahead to clean the remaining parts of the cabinet. To bring the cleaning to a beautiful finish, you can apply some recommended furniture oil depending on the surface of the cabinet.

Clean from the top to bottom.

Since you’ll be cleaning the cabinets with a damp cloth that could be drippy, it is advisable to clean from top to bottom.

Be careful of too much water.

You shouldn’t soak up your cabinets, regardless of the material it is made of, you definitely don’t want water settling inside the, therefore, make sure you squeeze out excess water from the damp napkin, and be sure to dry up any pooling or saturated spots.

Always remember the insides of the cabinets.

Pull out the contents, thoroughly clean, compartments, drawers and door backs, and dry every surface before putting items back in.