Taking care of Outdoor furniture

Having furniture outside the main house is always very cool and it could be very beautiful if attention was well paid to the details of the arrangement and where they are placed.

Often, outdoor furniture is peak relaxation — or at least they become very useful when there is a laid-back activity to be done. Your outdoor spaces can be used for small gatherings and you can choose to relax by the pool or even decide to do a neighborhood grill-outs or yard games.

But then, questions can pop up often when setting up outdoor furniture, questions like, ‘What would happen to this furniture when there is a bad weather?’ or ‘how do I keep this furniture in good condition despite its exposure to sunlight?’

No one would want to be moving furniture back and forth. So, the movement of furniture to a safe place when the weather is bad is a big NO.

Whether you are a new to home owner or you just want to protect your furniture and fittings, you should consider following these steps to protect your outdoor furniture in order to save money and make them last longer.


  1. Buy quality furniture covers. When your outdoor furniture is not in use, it’s best to use water-resistant covers made from long-lasting, heavy-duty fabrics like vinyl, canvas, or polyester. Depending on the furniture manufacturer, tailored covers could be available. Otherwise, get universal covers. These covers can be used for different styles and types of furniture, as long as they suit the dimensions of the furniture in question. Note that you can put covers only on completely dry furniture, if not, the furniture will get moldy and will eventually get ruined.


  1. Secure furniture safely. While it is advisable to fix your outdoor furniture during a particular season, sometimes you don’t have the space or time to fix them or even bring them back in if the weather goes wrong. Instead, you can have your furniture under pavilions and consider grouping chairs, tables, lounges and more near a wall or sturdy fence for further support. Buckles, tie-downs and bungee cords can also help to keep furniture together.


  1. Go for fabric protectants. There are varieties of furniture protectants out there, but most times we don’t try to take care of our furniture. Protectants like ca fabric spray and UV-protecting fabric spray to shield outdoor cushions, pillows, curtains and more can be gotten to protect outdoor furniture and for wooden furniture, there are hand-rubbed drying oils like linseed oil or tung oil that provides a protective finish.


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